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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Outlander, The Best Book Ever, Is Coming to TV!

So, first:  I've been uninspired for months now to blog, but I am going to try to be better now.  I have inspiration!  I have a reason to look forward to March  2014!  I have reason to LIVE!  

Outlander is a book by Diana Gabaldon.  She is my favorite author because of this book and the 6 (soon to be 7) books that follow it.   She is, to me, a genius.  And the cable network STARZ is going to start production on a TV series, much like Game of Thrones, based on this magnificent series.

If you are not familiar with this series, let me tell you a little about it.  It's about Claire Randall, a former WWII combat nurse who accidentally travels back in time from 1945 to 1743 Scotland and meets Jamie Fraser, a beautiful red-headed Scot warrior.  She is forced to marry him to protect herself from the English Army Captain who wants her tried as a spy.  The twist here is that the English Army Captain is her 1945 husband's 8 times great-grandfather.  That is just one of many twists and turns the story takes over the years that the series spans. 

Oh, and did I mention the tasty Scotsman that is going to play Jamie?   Feast your eyes on this:

Sam Heughan
Now, imagine this beautiful man with longer, reddish/auburn hair and wearing a kilt.  Yes, a kilt.  If you are a heterosexual woman and you don't think attractive, fit men in kilts are sexy, then I just don't understand you.  At.  All.
But back to the books:  Do yourself a favor and read Outlander.  It's historically very accurate, Gabaldon is an obsessive researcher and dives into every beautiful detail of life in 18th Century Scotland.  Honestly, I didn't think I would ever like a book like this, but I do!  It's full of history, romance, and the nightmares of war.  It's got the whole Sci-Fi time-travel thing going for it, and it's a loonnggg book.   But hey, it's summer, you have a little spare time to read on the beach.  Why not read this?